Andonstar Horké Digitální Mikroskop dlouhé Objektivy pro Pájení AD206 s LCD Displejem AD206 Black&white 1080P Rozsah Pájecí Nástroje

2 432.83 Kč 1 970.66 Kč Doručení zdarma

Štítky: drobnohledem trinocular, malé mikro kamera 4k, ad207, microscopio andonstar adsm302, binokulární moc, andonstar, dítě dalekohled, fotoaparát drobnohledem, Auto opravy nástroj, rifl rozsah.


  • Certifikace: CE/FCC/RoHS
  • Funkce: S Vysokým Rozlišením
  • Značka: andonstar
  • Zdroj Světla: 2 LED s podstavcem
  • Stát velikosti: 20 cm*12 cm*19cm
  • Velikost Obrazovky: 7 palcový
  • Rozlišení fotografie: Max 12M(4032x3024)
  • Video Výstup: FHD 1920x1080 30FPS
  • Drawtube: binokulární
  • Pro: PCB Pájení PCB Telefon Opravit inspekce
  • Skladování: Micro-SD karty Až 64G
  • frame rate: Max 30f/s
  • podpora pc: No
  • Poměr Zvětšení: 500X a Pod
  • Formát fotografie: JPG
  • Materiál: Kovové
  • Video Formát: AVI
  • Číslo Modelu: AD206
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Napájecí Zdroj: 5V DC
  • Zvětšení: Až 200 krát
  • Rozsah zaostření: 2 cm-17cm
  • Je Inteligentní Zařízení: No
  • obrazový Snímač: 2 Mega Pixelů HD Senzor
  • Teorie: Video Mikroskop

Andonstar AD206 Digitální Mikroskop 1080P Elektronické DIY Pájení Nástroj pro SMT/SMD/PCB Telefon Opravit

Vlastnosti: Obrazový snímač: 2 Mega Pixely HD Senzor Výstup videa : FHD 1920x1080 30FPS; 1080P 1440x1080 30FPS;720P 1280x720 30FPS; Video formát : AVI Zvětšení: Až 200x rozlišení Fotografií: Max 12M(4032x3024) Foto formát: JPG Zaměřit rozsah: 2cm-17cm Frame rate: Max 30f/s Úložiště: Micro-SD karty Až 64G Pc podpora: Ne Napájecí zdroj: 5V DC Zdroj světla: 2 LED s podstavcem Velikost obrazovky : 7 palců Stojan velikost: 20 cm*12 cm*19cm Certifikace: CE/FCC/ROHS obsah Balení: Mikroskop×1 Kovový stojan×1 Návod×1 IR dálkový ovladač×1 Spínač kabel×1 síťový adaptér×1 UV filtr ×1 kryt Objektivu ×1 Balení údaje: 32*22*10 cm/1,4 kg Záruka: 1 rok



Hodnocení: 5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Lilianlilies 2020-11-27

Really B. good quality product! For this price real rewelacja. Magnification and lighting for use when working with electronics rewelka. Mega fast delivery firmly opakowana. Thank you and recommend.

Bmxbrent 2020-12-26

Perfect product. Amazing value. Fast and save shipping.

Frank2762 2020-12-18

Well-deserved 5 stars. A fairly high-quality device, comes in a cardboard box all qualitatively packed and laid in a foamed polystyrene, so even the Russian Post could not damage the goods. High-quality bright illumination of the working area (works on the network, no batteries), the brevity of the increase is decent, sharpness flows well, the screen resolution allows you to get a quality picture. I took it for home, but I think it's perfect for workshops. Its money is definitely worth it. The instruction is in Chinese, but everything is intuitive and does not cause any difficulties when assembling and using. To buy I recommend! I did not communicate with the seller, it came by mail.

Marcelopezzolla 2020-12-03

Delivery fast and convenient in Russia service IML. Increase is good, quality too, illumination too. Pictures of the screen themselves understand badly, in reality, much better. On the photo is a board, at the bottom of which the detail is millimeter. A tool for dental doctors on a pencil caryabal inscription from the first time turned out but if more to try then quickly get used to what to look at the screen and do. The screen lag is very small (about like a camera of a normal smartphone in a poorly lit place) I mean, don't miss it. The focus at any height is good. I did not find a memory card to check. Then I'll finish it-I'll install the battery 18660 (half a year there is a new no only clip for it with a spring). Maybe I'll put the speaker. The next model 207 differs only in that it shoots video in MOV format (here Avi but I do not need is) and another model in MP4. Also to the microscope you need to buy a mat silicone mat to solder a hair dryer and do not spoil well and did not slip.

Sav 8536 2020-12-03

Delivery by courier. Works well. After installing the battery, the clock stopped dropping after turning off, there was a charge indicator and a level of charge. For work, not a very convenient device-you have to work on stretched hands to comfortably look into the screen.

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